Our Story

It all started with an extended travel trip, lasting several months. What began as a minor inconvenience quickly became as source of stress and frustration each time I moved on to the next stop in my adventure.

Each time I rushed to pack my focus was on catching that flight...not where stuff was going in my bag. The result? I was constantly wasting time and energy looking for items in my bags, often making a big mess in the process, pulling everything out of my bag and then having to stuff it all back in again, struggling to get it closed. (and don’t even get me started about the disaster of going through security checkpoint)

By the time I reached my destination and opened my poor over stuffed bag it looked like it had been packed by a Tasmanian Devil.  It was almost impossible to find stuff, all my clothes were creased.  Clean clothes were now messed up with dirty (due to my - lack of -packing method it was pretty hard to tell which was clean and dirty anyhow).  This bag was just a car wreck!

Yikes, I'd just reached my new destination, all fired up to go and explore but this packing Armageddon was now making my first priority was to hunt down a laundry service.    

It only got worse as time passed; I knew I needed to find a solution fast. Soon I was finding toiletries I double purchased, not knowing I already had them, as well as misplacing other items that were not at all easy to purchase in the new countries I was visiting.  

So a brainstorming session began. It was important to me that the solution was:

    • MADE MY LIFE EASIER so I was naturally motivated to use it
    • LIGHT WEIGHT so I wasn’t weighing down bags I’d be carrying for months
    • DURABLE enough to last through the toughest travel scenarios
    • INSTINCTIVE so packing and packing was no longer such a chore  

After being unable to find anything that would satisfy what I wanted, the idea for Pro Packing Cubes was born.

I prepared myself for the uphill battle - I had to convince family to support me, factories to work with us and of course convince many skeptical travelers as to WHY these make such a difference.  I'm pleased to fast forward to today and we now have 10's of 1000's of raving fans all over the world.  

We are as committed as ever to providing the absolute best ultra lightweight travel accessories which solve your biggest frustrations when travelling.  Oh, and we aim to back this with authentic and unmatched level of customer service to truly help travelers spend less time packing and more time travelling!

I hope you've enjoyed reading our story!

Happy shopping!

The Pro Packing Team

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