What material are these made of?

Pro Packing Cubes are made using lightweight rip-stop nylon.

What is the weight of one medium sized cube?

These are super lightweight due to the technical nature of our signature ripstop nylon. Each cube will weigh in at at approx 2oz depending on size.

Are these made in the USA?

We are in constant contact with factories in the USA to see if we can make it viable. For now its not possible. There is an unfortunate commercial reality - if we made in USA & sold at x2 the price we would lose 90% of our customers. Made in USA is 100% my aspiration, but right now we are driven by customers' need for the lowest possible prices. I can assure you our cubes are a fraction of the price of anything comparable on the market. If you look at ultra lightweight cubes from other leading brands you will find them priced 50-150% more than ours...and they too are made in China. Thanks for raising this - I too hope we can bring production home in the future. The price gap is closing, but it is still significant.

Are these hand-wash only?

They will machine wash fine. As long as you keep them on a cool wash. If you do have a delicates laundry bag, or even a pillow case that would be a good idea. If you have any further questions or concerns we are here 24/7!

Do these actually help me with compression?

You can expect circa 30% compression using Pro Packing Cubes. With Pro Packing Cubes you get a super soft, ultra lightweight fabric and the thickest / softest mesh of any cube on the market. As with quality outdoor gear, the best fabrics are 2x durable and 2x as lightweight as heavier / cheaper fabrics - Think Cordura v's Gore-Tex. You also get premium YKK branded zippers (the best and most durable). We have certainly tried to spec the absolute best lightweight cubes on the market. The only comparable cubes are 50-150% more expensive (Eagle Creek's specter fabric, Sea to Summits new ultra light cubes or eBags who have just released a new model with similar fabric to ours...weighing in at circa $70(!). I can assure you if you ever need anything we will be here to help out and stand by our lifetime warranty. As you can see we're passionate about our cubes. This passion drives a fantastic product backed by dedicated 1:1 customer care.

How does the compression work?

Packing cubes compress as you zip them up and the air inside is released through the mesh. The main reason for using cube is not compression - it is more about organizing, packing quickly and getting easy access to particular belongings on the go. You can expect to get circa 30% more clothes into your bag using them as they do allow you to compress lightly. The 30% is an average - you may experience more or less depending on garment types in each cube.

How do these compress? Do you need a vacuum to pull out air?

The top section of Pro Packing Cubes is a mesh. This allows you to lightly compress/condense your clothes. Please note these are not compression bags which work by using a vacuum.

What are the dimensions of the 4 medium cubes and the 1 small cube?

Your mediums are 13.75 x 9.75 x 3 inches (side by side they fit nicely into most carry on sized suitcases & fit most garments except perhaps heavy jackets). The smallest 9 x 3.75 x 3 inches. The small is great for electrical accessories and / or toiletries. Let us know if you need any more information.

Do these have something solid running around the sides, or do they completely collapse when empty?

These are ultra lightweight packing cubes - They collapse 100% to occupy virtually no space when not in use. We have certainly tried to spec the absolute best and most durable lightweight cubes out there. These are not like typical cubes you'll see made from cheaper / heavier nylons and polyester. These are absolute premium cubes priced at 50-150% less than anything comparable. Please do give them a test run - if you have any concerns I'll happily refund you 100% (and better yet, you can keep the cubes you have :). As you can see we are cubes geeks, believe in and back back our product 1000%

Is any one of the cubes appropriate for carrying an iPad? I'm thinking not only size but protection.

Size wise, yes you could use them. You'd need to ensure you use another sleeve or wrap your ipad in clothes for extra padding. These are ultra lightweight cubes - that's to say the fabric is a nice technical / thin fabric to keep weight down. Pro Packing cubes are designed to help you compress your clothes (typically by 30%) - allowing you to get more into your case or backpack. They also help you organize clothes by garment type or outfit...meaning you can 'grab & go' - no need to empty the entire contents of your bag just to find that one thing you were looking for!

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