Looking professional means packing like a professional

the Pro Packing Travel Garment Folder

Keep shirts, suits, ties and dresses fresh and wrinkle free with the Pro Packing Travel Garment Folder.

No one enjoys ironing. So, why would you go to all that trouble of making your clothes look smooth and smart, only to have them creased as you travel?

Our Pro Packing Folder is the perfect travel organizer that solves the age-old problem of crumpled luggage so that your formal wear arrives at your destination pristine and ready to go.
navy and green packing folder travel organizer
navy packing folder travel organizer

Look the part

Choose from a range of Pro Packing Folder colours to brighten up your luggage and enhance your organisation. Top tip: colour-code your clothes to your folders by day or event.

Keep clothes wrinkle free

Organise your attire and ensure your clothes stay free from wrinkles with our Packing Folders. Save time ironing at your hotel or holiday home with a solution that allows you to simply get dressed and go.

You’ll even get a bonus folding board and folding wings to make sure your garments are as crisp as the day it was bought.
turquoise packing folder travel organizer
blue and grey packing folder travel organizer

Ultra lightweight and travel ready

Our Pro Packing Folders keep your clothing in shape without tipping the scales. We understand that convenience and tidiness shouldn’t come at the price of space or weight – especially if work or play takes you on a flight. That’s why these folders are paper thin and ultra lightweight.

Durable rip stop technology

If you think that a folder this slim can’t be tough, you’d be wrong. Made from rip stop nylon, your clothes will be protected wherever your luggage goes. The handle also makes it easy to grab your folder and free it from your bag in a hurry.
light grey packing folder travel organizer
navy and red packing folder travel organizer

Pack tight, Pack more

Always struggle to get enough in your carry-on luggage? Not only do our folders help avoid creasing, they can also help you to fold clothes tighter, allowing you to fit more in for every trip and save on the cost of additional bags making them the perfect travel organizer.

Lifetime warranty

These folders are strong enough to withstand a lifetime of travel. We’re so confident that they can withstand anything the world throws at them that every folder comes with a lifetime warranty. Now that’s customer service!

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