You’ve discovered the cruise of your dreams for the perfect price, and now all that is left is for you to pack up your bags and get ready to go.
Unfortunately, it’s difficult to look forward to fun in the sun and relaxing on the waves when you have to worry about crushing all of your crucial items into as little space as possible. Considering the fact that many cruise vacations offer a variety of incredible activities to take advantage of, the storage space that’s available to you in most cabins is often limited – meaning that packing can quickly become a challenge. Fortunately, there are some solutions you can consider that might make your luggage prep experience a little less of a shipwreck. Skip the stress and cruise through your travel experience with the following tips.
First and foremost, when you’re planning your packing techniques and organizing your suitcase for a cruise holiday, the first thing you should know is what shouldn’t be going in the bottom of your luggage. Some items should be kept close-to-hand within a carry-on bag, or neatly stored away within packing organizers that allow you to access them as quickly as possible. For instance, you’ll need your cruise boarding pass, photo ID, passport, and any other visas or tickets that you’re going to need for your journey in a place that you can easily reach while fumbling with other bags. You should also have any medication or crucial personal items stored in the same place for easy access.


Packing cubes can be a great way to make sure everything in your luggage is neatly organized into its own space – while maximizing the area available to you. With a selection of packing cubes, sort your outfits according to the days you plan on wearing them, and keep toiletries away from clothes in case of any leaks or other problems. A great tip for avoiding spills from leaky cosmetics and toiletries is to place some cellophane over the cap of the bottle before closing and screw it down. This creates a much tighter closure for less chance of the cap unscrewing and also seals the thread of the bottle top – the 2x most common reasons for in bag toiletry spills!

Packing light for a cruise is a great way to make sure you’re not climbing over excess luggage to get out of your cabin every day, but doing this effectively means figuring out which items are essentials, which can be re- used, and which can be left at home. When planning outfits for a cruise holiday, try to select clothes that you’re happy to reuse. For instance, pick a skirt that will look great with a few different shirts or tops, or pack a jacket that will help to jazz up a more casual daytime outfit.

The chances are that you’ll find basic toiletries on board most cruise ships, such as shampoos, soaps, and even the occasional bottle of moisturizer. However, that doesn’t mean that your favorite selection will be available for you to choose from – so if you’re particular about the brands you like to use, it’s a good idea to pack a few travel-size bottles. Sometimes, packing toiletries can seem like an unnecessary luxury, but with the use of versatile packing cubes, you can always bundle a selection of your favorites into one small space – without taking up too much valuable suitcase real estate.


Finally, when packing for cruises, it’s a good idea to research your cruise line ahead of time and determine what kind of outfits may be expected from you during certain events. Certain restaurants onboard a cruise ship may expect you to dress up for your meal, whereas others will allow you to stick to the same casual appearance no matter where you go. If your cruise has a “formal night” planned, then you may want to pack something elegant – like a gown or a dress, but such an effort isn’t always necessary.

Remember, whatever you choose to pack, you can make more space with the use of packing cube sets.